MYS Self-Help Programs

  • I am not a bad person but when I am angry I make bad decisions!

    MYS offers a variety of "Court Accepted" peer counseling programs facilitated by educated, experienced, and certified therapeutic professionals. Programs currently offered:

    * Adult and Adolescent Anger Management

    * Adult and Teen Co-Parenting/Parenting

    * Child Visitation Monitoring

    * Domestic Violence Batterer's Treatment Program( Individual and Group Sessions Available). Call for program information and private location.

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    Marriage and Family
    Gang Intervention
    and more...

    Mutivation Youth Services provides various Award Winning curriculums along with their unique intimate format of role-play interaction.

    This is truly why
    “Mutivation Youth Services is an Elite provider in Self- Motivation.”
    Let MYS Provide These Services For You!

    Adult Anger Management

    MYS adult anger management program is approved and accepted in California Family and Superior Courts. This program is also offered for any individuals that need tools in controlling issues of anger. MYS uses Anderson and Anderson, the most trusted and evidenced based Anger Management curriculum in the world.

    Topics include:

    * Recognition and management of anger.

    * Recognition and management of stress.

    * The extent to which assertive communication is the preferred style or interpersonal interaction.

    * The level of empathy/emotional intelligence.

    1 to 52 weeks

    Adolescent Anger Management

    In today's day and time our youth are exposed to many negative resources. Adolescent anger crimes are now at an all-time high. Here at MYS, we provide adolescents with an anger management program with a twist. MYS educates youth with the tools to deal and control anger at a level they can relate. In addition, youth in the program are involved in serving the community as a team member in our "Helping Friends" mentoring leadership program.

    Topics include:

    * Anger and Peer-Pressure.

    * Home Stress.

    * Dealing with Core-Issues.

    * Understanding my anger
    1 to 52 weeks

    Additional Services

    Individual Sessions Available:

    * Community Service Programs

    * Domestic Violence Programs

  • Adult & Teen Co-Parenting/Parenting Programs

    Riverside and San Bernardino County Courts Accepted
    Adult and Teen Co-Parenting/ Parenting Program: Since 2007 MYS has provided their Co-Parenting Curriculum and Program “My Change is Now!” to the various County Courts. The class is for parents from two separate households, to learn to work together in parenting their children. Here at MYS we understand that co-parenting can be a challenging task, however with the right tools we know it is possible to make the right decisions towards a healthy co-parent relationship.

    Topics include understanding your child and their reaction to divorce, parenting styles, coping with Co-Parenting challenges as well as Co-Parenting teamwork. These classes are offered year round. Each class is a six week session.

    Per Government Courts Rules the wording "Court Approved" does not mean our programs are the offical approved program. However it does mean that the Government Courts have accepted our curriculums and refer Mutivation Youth Services programs to clients within the Courts.

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