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  • Classes & Events:

    * Every Monday
    Court Approved Co-Parenting Classes
    Riverside County Courts 6-8pm

    * Every Tuesday
    Adolescent Anger Management Classes
    Riverside County Courts 4-6pm

    * Adult Anger Management
    Riverside County Courts 6-8pm

    * Every Wedensday
    Adolescent Anger Management Classes
    San Bernardino County 4pm-6pm

    * Co-Parenting/ Parenting Classes
    San Bernardino County 6pm-8pm

    Every Thursday
    Helping Friends Community Service
    Mentoring Program
    Riverside County 5pm-8pm

    * Adult/Teen Anger Management
    San Bernardino County Courts 6-8pm

    Every Saturday
    * Court Approved Co-Parenting Classes
    Riverside County Courts 9am-11am

    * Co-Parenting/ Parenting Classes
    San Bernardino County 12pm-2pm

    * From Pistols 2 Pencils
    San Bernardino County 1pm-3pm
    Upcoming Events MYS Speaking:
    Jurupa Middle School
    Jan 27th


    This program is a one or two hour 10-week program that gives youth a general understanding of music. ?10-4-LIFE©!? teaches music history, music theory, performance, and a variety of other music content.

    What makes ?10-4-LIFE!? so unique is that the youth are learning from real music industry professionals and Mutivation uses music as a focal point to talk about real life youth issues during ?Mutivational Circle.?

    Within the 10 week program, youth will have the opportunity to learn basic knowledge in all major instruments (including voice, music composing, and song writing), field trips to industry professional music recording studios*, see guest celebrity artists or professional touring musicians, participate in talent showcases, participate in Video or Audio recordings, participate in awards ceremonies and more...

  • Cornel West

    Mutivation Youth Services was Proud To Be A Host And Sponsor at the Riverside Community College day event.

    An Event That Will Always Be Remembered!
    Having more than 2,500 guests, a total of four events, all in one day! November 5th 2010 will always be remembered as a great day in the Inland Empire. Dr. Cornel West touched the lives of many as he talked about true love for all. We kicked-off the day at Riverside Community College. The RCC Landis Theater was at capacity (over 1,200 guests) with many high school and college students. Next, we traveled a few miles to UC Riverside where we were greeted with another over-capacity crowd of guests of all ages, races, and backgrounds. To wrap-up the long day we ended at Riverside’s own, Crescent Jewell Restaurant. There we had a live band, celebrity performances, great food, and fun.

    A True Unforgettable Experience!
    Thanks to all the newspapers (Press Enterprise, Inland Valley News, Black Voices, Precinct Reporter, and Westside Story). Also a special thanks to the many dignitaries from the Inland Empire community.

    Below are some of the many comments on the event.

    Thank you for the opportunity to be a part of the event. It was impressive indeed. I was awed by the participants who addressed Dr. West at the microphone after his presentation - so articulate and passionate! The entire experience filled me with hope for the future. Thank you."
    Ken F. Sawa, MSW, LCSW
    CEO/Executive Vice-President
    Catholic Charities San Bernardino/Riverside

    ** "Robert,
    Thanks again for having such a wonderful event! "
    Thank you,
    Sheila "Umbaji" Futch
    Senior District Representative
    Office of Assembly Member Wilmer Amina Carter, District 62

    ** "Thanks, Robert, for the invitation to Cornel West's inspirational presentation at UCR. It was all so beautifully organized and your were rewarded with a packed house. The inspiration of the event will carry me a long way into the future. God bless. Larry"
    Dr. Lawrence Geraty
    La Sierra University

    To top-off the night Mutivation Youth Services receives an award from The California Assembly!

    UC Riverside Sees Surge in Applications:

    Our Cornell West event was mentioned on "Good Day LA" Fox11!

    Thank you all for making this event a once-in- a-lifetime experience!

    Please join us in:
    " Motivating The Human Race To Reach Higher Heights "

    From Pistols 2 Pencils Video