Classes & Events

* Every Monday
Court Approved Co-Parenting Classes
Riverside County Courts 6-8pm

* Every Tuesday
Adolescent Anger Management Classes
Riverside County Courts 4-6pm

* Adult Anger Management
Riverside County Courts 6-8pm

* Every Wedensday
Adolescent Anger Management Classes
San Bernardino County 4pm-6pm

* Co-Parenting/ Parenting Classes
San Bernardino County 6pm-8pm

Every Thursday
Helping Friends Community Service
Mentoring Program
Riverside County 5pm-8pm

* Adult/Teen Anger Management
San Bernardino County Courts 6-8pm

Every Saturday
* Court Approved Co-Parenting Classes
Riverside County Courts 9am-11am

* Co-Parenting/ Parenting Classes
San Bernardino County 12pm-2pm

* From Pistols 2 Pencils
San Bernardino County 1pm-3pm
Upcoming Events MYS Speaking:
Jurupa Middle School
Jan 27th


Mutivation Youth Services is proud to be a provider in positive change for youth, adults, families, and communities all over Northern and Southern California. MYS has had the opportunity to touch thousands of lives. Below are just a few of many testimonials of former MYS clients and supporters.

Thank you from all of us @ Mutivation Youth Services!

Scott Budnick - (Hollywood Executive Producer of All 3 Hangover Movies and countless Blockbuster Hits)

"God Bless the Amazing work you are doing!"
* Scott
Recil and Paige ("My Change is Now!" Co-Parenting Program)

Once married and parents of three children, Recil and Paige would have never imagined that they would go through 10 plus years of domestic distress. From several court appearances and police reports to CPS involvement and threats Recil and Paige believed they would never have a good co-parenting relationship. Being court ordered to take a court approved co-parenting program, Recil and Paige agreed to take MYS "My Change Is Now!" co-parenting program.

The first day of the six week program was full of anxiety. This was the first time that the co-parents were face to face in over nine years. After receiving some valuable tools and knowledge about self and responsibilities through the program the co-parents decided to make a mutual agreement to work as a team for their children. Before the six week program was over they were instructed to make a co-parenting plan and have consistently worked within there plan. As of late they have had no further issues with the courts and communicate very well regarding their children.

* Recil and Paige
Ashlie ( "ENT Arts Youth Camp")

Living and growing up in a troubled community can be very challenging. It takes a strong heart and mind to succeed through obstacles. That's truly what Ashlie has done for herself. Ashlie is an active member of the From Pistols 2 Pencils Youth Program. Ashlie was given the opportunity to attend MYS's ENT Arts Youth Camp.

“This whole week was full of many new things I've learned.
I feel I am better as a person from this experience."

* Ashlie
Jacqui ("My Change is Now!" Co-Parenting Program)

Once a victim of Physical and Emotional abuse Jacqui thought that she would never gain self worth. Walking head down and at times not wanting to look at herself in the mirror, Jacqui was in a world headed for destruction. Being instructed to take a court approved co-parenting program, Jacqui agreed to take MYS "My Change Is Now! " co-parenting program. In the program she was able to learn coping skills on how to deal with her co-parent as well as how to deal with life obstacles.

As of late Jacqui is completing her education in college with aspirations to one day facilitate co-parenting and domestic abuse programs, she is also very active in her daughters activities. Jacqui has been a major influence to her co-parent and has encouraged her co-parent to take the MYS “My Change Is Now!" co-parenting program as she did prior. Jacqui and her co-parent are now working together using the tools given by MYS. Their communication is much better and they are working as a team to provide a healthy environment for their beautiful daughter.

* Jacqui
Eddie Hart -Former two-time World Record Holder, Olympic Record Holder, and Olympic Goal Medalist.( Community Outreach )

Eddie Hart is a true humanitarian and champion. From a Cal Berkley Track Star and Grad to a 1972 Olympic Gold Medalist, Mr. Hart is a true success story! Now as President of the Eddie Hart All in One Foundation his organization is one of the elite providers for positive change in Northern California. Mr. Hart has opened his doors to Mutivation Youth Services and has collaborated in several events reaching over 2,500 youth in the Bay area communities.

" MYS is on the move! I see nothing but Great advances in your future! "

* Eddie Hart
Charles Gonzales(Supervised Visitation Monitoring)

Once troubled with losing parental rights of his child. Mr. Gonzales entered the MYS Supervised Visitation Monitoring program, Charles took the tools given by his visitation monitor and worked hard to fight for his parental rights. MYS was greeted with the above Christmas card from Mr. Gonzales.

* Charles Gonzales
The City of San Bernardino / Mayor Pat Morris
" The Mayor and Common Council of the City of San Bernardino thank you for your outstanding dedication and efforts to the community. "
Daniel Foster - President / CEO of "The Community Foundation "
" Wow…I’m impressed with your organization and programs beautifully communicated via your website. Excellent job and work with youth. "

Let Your Past Become Your Testimony!

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